Mountains of Courage Deat and Dying Conference


"I have attended Mountain of Courage numerous times in the past 10 years. I have always found it well organized, interesting and informative. 


I have learned new things at every conference and believe the information is relevant, timely and helpful for our community."


S. Tholt, RN

"Mountains of Courage showed me a deeper level and different perspective on death than I have ever known before. 


From understanding the challenges one faces in dealing with and accepting death to understanding various religious perspectives, it opened my eyes to so much more than I knew."


LeAnn Bunn,


Hyalite Care Center




March 7, 2020

Best Western Grantree

Bozeman, MT

"So no matter what your current situation is, stop for one moment and consider the fragility of your own life.


Can you make room for Death to enter your thoughts every now and then?


Can you get comfortable with the idea of Death as part of your life?


You have much to gain from getting comfortable with Death … the best friend that will never desert you."

Karen Wyatt, MD

2020 Keynote Speaker

Who should come?

Anyone who is personally or professionally touched by the life event of death and dying......


Family Members              Community Members             Spiritual Advisors


Health Professionals        Social Workers and Counselors


Emergency Responders              Caregivers              


CEU's Available for Social Workers, Professional Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists and Licensed Addiction Counselors

Please check back as we continue to update Topics and Speakers information for our 2020 Conference!


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Learn more about Gallatin Valley Circle of Compassion on this YPR Radio Interview of our Founder, Susan Kreitzberg, ND.

Gallatin Valley Circle of Compassion is a volunteer group of local community members who are professionally and/or personally touched by the human experience of death and dying.

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